Recently my friend Ben Vollmer posted on LinkedIn that there was a new version of the demo data for Dynamics 365 for Field Service and Project Service Automation…and that if you have an older version, a fix for that “pesky TLS issue” is now available.  But what grabbed my attention was a comment that most people he helps didn’t read the instructions first.


So that got me thinking…why is that?  Obviously, if there are instructions available, one would want to read them…no?  Well, no.  Most of us will install a solution, including demo data, and just click through the prompts until we find success.  However, perhaps if we actually read the instructions first, we would gain a successful install on the first attempt!  Could it be possible?  Let’s find out!

Downloading the Demo Data package

First, we have to download the demo data package from Microsoft…click here.  Once the zip file is downloaded, it must be extracted to a local folder.  Personally, these types of utilities are extracted to a “Tools” folder to keep them all together, but you can choose any folder that works for you.  The current package is entitled “”


Once extracted, you may have an overwhelming desire to launch “FPSDemoData_v2_0_0_0.exe”…this is where Ben says most go wrong.  What you need to do is find and read the installation instructions.  Navigate to the “PkgFolder” folder to find the PDF with all of the information on the Package and how to install the sample data successfully.  For the current version of the download, the file name will be “Dynamics 365 for Field Service and Project Service Demo Data October 2017.pdf”



Importing the sample data will create or set default parameters that drive behavior of Field Service and Project Service Automation.  Additionally, it will import data such as Bookable Resources, Roles, Sales and Cost Price Lists, Organizational Units, relevant sales process records, Work Orders and Projects.  To get started, you will need to ensure that your environment meets certain prerequisites:

  • Org is a “July 2017 update for Dynamics 365 (online)” instance (version 9.0) or later
  • Org has a base language of English and base currency of “US Dollar” (USD, $)
  • Org has both Field Service (FS) version 7.0 and Project Service Automation (PSA) version 2.0 installed
  • Org has no FS or PSA data or only barebones default data that comes with new org

If your instance does not meet these requirements for installation of Field Service and/or Project Service Automation, there are instructions on how to install these solutions from the Dynamics 365 Administration Center.

Things you wouldn’t consider…that are in the instructions…

  • Turn off the screen saver as session creds for the installation process could be lost when it engages.
  • Installation could run for as long as 4 hours
  • You may need to unblock the “FPSDemoData.dll” file after unpacking the zip file
  • You have to create (or temporarily rename) Users in your organization to match the incoming sample data configuration
  • Update a data mapping file with email addresses of these users in your system.  There is a file named “ImportUserMapFile.xml” for this which can be opened and modified in notepad, Visual Studio or another XML editor.
  • Update the security roles for the created or renamed users to System Administrator.  This is needed to ensure that the sample records are created with correct User ownership, to populate views appropriately.
  • Update the existing Work Hours, schedule, selecting the “Entire recurring weekly schedule from start to end” option, making sure that the work hours are set to “9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (8 hours)” w/ Monday through Friday and the Time Zone set to “Pacific Time (US & Canada)” for the system administrator user credentials you will use for the sample data installation.
  • Backup your Org
  • Read the Technical Notes included in the documentation for any additional configuration components which need updated via the “DemoDataPreImportConfig.xml” file
  • Run PackageDeployer.exe
  • Verify the install

The sample data installs the “Fabrikam Manufacturing Demo Data” (v2.0.0.0) solution along with approximately 50K records across 148 entities.

Hopefully this helps you understand the importance of reading the instructions for Dynamics 365 for Field Service and Project Service Demo Data import!

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