Microsoft recently published a separate certification exam for Field Service, which is now available to schedule with PearsonVue.  Previously, the Field Services content was part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service exam (MB2 – 718) and represented approximately 15 – 20% of the overall scope.  The areas covered in the prior exam consisted of the following:

Install and Configure Dynamics 365 Field Service

  • Plan a Field Service implementation; identify Field Service security roles and administration tasks; view and configure the schedule board; implement the schedule assistant; identify work order relationships; identify accounts, incident types, and service task types; identify agreement options; configure agreement bookings and invoices

Manage the Field Service mobile app and other Field Service features

  • Identify features and limitations of the mobile app, configure the Field Service mobile app, review customer assets, manage the purchase order process, manage inventory, process returns

In the grand scheme of a certification exam, that translates to about 10 questions (based on the assumption of 50 questions on an exam) to cover all of the capabilities within the Field Service solution.  As you can see, it is completely warranted to split this off into its own certification exam, given the depth and breadth of Field Service within Dynamics 365.

What’s in the new exam?

The new certification exam has a much larger scope of competencies to measure against the participants knowledge.  The scope of the new exam is the following:

Quite a significant change in skill sets to be measured!  In my personal opinion, this provides a much better measurement to the participants skills proficiency as it pertains to Field Services within Dynamics 365.  To be fair, I have not yet sat for the D365 for Customer Service exam, so I do not have a first hand experience to compare against.  However, I felt the MB2-877 exam was challenging and represented real world implementation practices.

How to Prepare

When I was preparing for the exam, I took a very targeted approach to my learning.  Luckily for me, I am currently implementing Field Services on an active engagement, which is super helpful to keep the skills to be measured top of mind.  As a learner, I benefit from multiple vehicles for my instruction to reinforce the lessons.  My recommended approach would be as follows:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) content, available via PartnerSource or CustomerSource for customers on a service plan.
    • PRO TIP: There are TWO modules for Agreements, Inventory and Purchasing…watch them BOTH
    • Shout out to Derik Bormann for creating some fantastic videos to support the learning!
  • Download the collateral whenever available to review outside of the DLP course
    • Transcripts
    • PowerPoint slides
    • etc.
  • Hands-On within an active Dynamics 365 environment
    • 30-day trial site
    • Indicate “Field Service” when creating the trial
    • Install Demo Data for Field Services
    • Install the Field Services app on a mobile device
      • iOS – App Store
      • Android – Google Play
    • Install the Woodford solution for the Field Service Mobile App within Dynamics 365 environment


As mentioned above, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Services (MB2-877) exam is a challenging one, but nothing that cannot be passed with app experience and studying.  If you use the tools I have provided above, and you leverage either an existing or a 30-day trial environment to get some hands on exposure to the functions of Field Service, you will be setting yourself up for success.

If you are interested in scheduling your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Exam, click here.

Happy Studying and Good Luck!!!

Shawn (@crmhobbit)